Sgt. Paul Palmeri

When I first heard him speak, I was really surprised, his Cebuano is almost perfect for a “normally” white American, no trace of American accent when he talks.

According to information I gathered from the web, Sgt. Paul Palmeri is a Gunnery Sargeant for US Marine Corp (USMC).

He grew up in Cagayan de Oro City, his father Tom Palmeri used to be a professor in Xavier University.

So mao diay fluent kaayo iyang Cebuano, na tawo diay sya sa diri sa Pilipinas.

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  1. Dalton Arias says:

    What do you mean “his Cebuano is almost perfect”?! It is perfect! I say this as a native Cebuano speaker.

  2. Paul Moreno says:

    Ahhh thank you for the information – indeed Sgt. Palmeri’s bisaya is absolutely perfect! Here’s a tribute to the late Prof. Tom Palmeri published in the Inquirer on Nov 2 2012

    What a generous and great family, and contributors to education, care and the Society of Jesus.

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