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English: I Cebuano: ako English: I am Juan. Cebuano: Ako si Juan.

I am fine, thank you

English: I am fine, thank you Cebuano: Maayo lang ko. Salamat; Okay ra ko, salamat

I am happy

English: I am happy. Cebuano: Malipayon ako.

I am sad

English: I am sad. Cebuano: Naguul ako.

I am sorry

English: I am sorry. Cebuano: Gikasubo nako; Pasaylo-a ako.

I am tired

English: I am tired. Cebuano: Gi kapoy ako.

I ate nothing

English: I ate nothing. Cebuano: Wala ko`y gikaon.

ice cream

English: ice cream Cebuano: sorbetes English: I like ice cream. Cebuano: Gusto ko ug sorbetes.


English: imagine Cebuano: imagina, huna-hunaa English: Just imagine. Cebuano: Imagina/Huna-hunaa lang.

index finger

English: index finger Cebuano: tudlo English: I injured my index finger. Cebuano: Nasakitan nako akong tudlo.

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