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English: eagle Cebuano: agila, manaol English: There’s an eagle up in the air. Cebuano: Adunay agila sa kawanangan.


English: ear Cebuano: dalunggan English: His ear is big. Cebuano: Ang iya dalunggan kay dako.

ear drum

English: ear drum Cebuano: tambol sa dalunggan English: He infected his ear drum. Cebuano: Ang iyang tambol sa dalunggan nadaut.

ear wax

English: ear wax Cebuano: atuli English: Ear wax is dirty. Cebuano: Ang atuli hugaw.


English: earring Cebuano: aryos English: I will buy an earring. Cebuano: Mo palit ako ug aryos.


English: Earth Cebuano: kalibutan English: Earth is my home. Cebuano: Ang kalibutan akoang panimalay.


English: earthquake Bisaya: linog English: There’s an earthquake. Bisaya: Aduna’y linog.


English: earthworm Cebuano: wati English: I saw an earthworm. Cebuano: Nakakita ako ug wati.


English: east Cebuano: sidlakan English: I will go to the east. Cebuano: Mo lakaw ako pa adto sa sidlakan.


English: easy Cebuano: sayon English: Medicine is not easy course. Cebuano: Dili sayon ang kurso na Medicine.

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