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English: dahlia Cebuano: dalya English: Dahlia is a plant. Cebuano: Ang dalya usa ka tanom.


English: daisy Cebuano: daysi English: Daisy is a plant. Cebuano: Usa ka tanom ang daysi.


English: dance Cebuano: sayaw English: He likes to dance. Cebuano: Gusto niya mo sayaw.


English: dangle Cebuano: tabyogtabyog English: Do not dangle your toy. Cebuano: Ayaw e tabyogtabyog ang imong dulaan.


English: dark Cebuano: ngit-ngit English: It’s so dark here. Cebuano: Ngit-ngit kaayo dinhi.


English: daughter Cebuano: anak babae English: She is my daughter. Cebuano: Akoa siyang anak na babae.

daughter in law

English: daughter in law Cebuano: umagad nga babae English: She is my daughter in law. Cebuano: Siya ako umagad nga babae.


English: dawn Cebuano: kaadlawon English: I wake up at dawn. Cebuano: Sa kaadlawon ako mo bangon.


English: day Cebuano: adlaw English: Today is the day Cebuano: Karon adlawa ang adlaw.

day before yesterday

English: day before yesterday Cebuano: niadtong usa ka adlaw English: I was here day before yesterday. Cebuano: Ara ko diri niadtong usa ka adlaw.

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