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English: baboon Cebuano: aliwas, dako`ng amo English: There are baboons in the zoo. Cebuano: Adunay mga aliwas sa zoo.

baby sitter

English: baby sitter Cebuano: yaya sa bata English: She is looking for a baby sitter. Cebuano: Nangita siya ug yaya sa bata.


English: back Cebuano: buko`buko, luyo, balik English: My back is aching; Go back to where you belong. Cebuano: Nagsakit akong luyo; Balik kung asa ka gikan.

back door

English: back door Cebuano: likud na pultahan English: Please enter the back door. Cebuano: alihug agi sa likud na pultahan.

back of house

English: back of house Cebuano: likud sa balay English: Show me the back of house. Cebuano: pakitaa ko sa likud sa balay.

back of knee

English: back of knee Cebuano: lukon`lukon English: Ramon hurt the back of his knee. Cebuano: Napasakitan ang lukon lukon ni Ramon.

back of lower leg

English: back of lower leg Cebuano: bagtak English: She has a big back of lower leg. Cebuano: Dako sya ug bagtak.

back of neck

English: back of neck Cebuano: tangkugo English: She is holding the back of her neck. Cebuano: Iya ig gunitan ang iyang tangkugo.


English: bad Cebuano: daotan English: Criminals are bad. Cebuano: Ang mga kriminal daotan.


English: baker Cebuano: panadero English: He is a baker. Cebuano: Usa siya ka panadero.

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