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English: a Cebuano: a Pronunciation: ah, an, ban Source: Zorc

a little further

English: a little further Cebuano: unahan Source: Harvey English: I’m going a little further. Cebuano: Mo adto pa ako sa unahan.

a little later

English: a little later Cebuano: karon*, taod-taod *Predominantly used by Hiligaynons (Ilonggos) Source: Harvey

a little while ago

English: a little while ago with in the day Cebuano: ganina Source: Harvey English: I finished it a little while ago. Cebuano: Ako nahuman ganina.


English: aback Cebuano: paingon sa likud Source: Canonigo


English: abandon, desert, left Cebuano: biyaan, biya, pabayaan, talikdan, pabayaan, talikud, bulag Source: Hudson, Canonigo English: The captain has decided to abandon the ship. Cebuano: Ang kapitan naka decide na biyaan ang barko.


English: abandoned Cebuano: biniyaan, binulagan, sinalikway, tinalikdan Source: Canonigo English: The baby is abandoned. Cebuano: Ang bata usa ka biniyaan.


English: abdomen Cebuano: tiyan English: He has a big abdomen. Cebuano: Dako ang iyang tiyan.


English: abduct Cebuano: dagit, sakmit, taban Source: B&D, Canonigo


English: above Cebuano: labaw sa, sa ibabaw English: She is above the law. Cebuano: Siya labaw sa balaod.

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