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Chef Boy Logro

The Visayans are known for preparing great tasting food. And the current famous chef in the country happens to be a Bisaya from Leyte. Chef Boy Logro came from a poor town in Leyte, and a family relative brought to Manila to work as a houseboy, this was in 1972. It was an easy for […]

Johnriel Casimero, Usa Ka Bisaya nga Champion

Another Bisaya boxer won an international belt. Johnriel Casimero won the IBF interim flyweight title against Argentine Luis Lazarte. He was the fighter who was caught in the middle of a mob inside the boxing ring that became a viral around social networking sites last February 11. The fight ended, or rather halted by Lazarte’s […]

Paolo Pascual Praying in Cebuano

Azkals backup goalkeeper Paolo Pascual who’s from Cebu is praying in Cebuano in a prematch ceremony last January 7, 2012.

Sgt. Paul Palmeri

When I first heard him speak, I was really surprised, his Cebuano is almost perfect for a “normally” white American, no trace of American accent when he talks. According to information I gathered from the web, Sgt. Paul Palmeri is a Gunnery Sargeant for US Marine Corp (USMC). He grew up in Cagayan de Oro […]

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