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Quiz Bee Pageant ni?

HOST: How can we uplift our economy today even though we are under heavy economic crisis? GAY CONTESTANT: (nangluspad) Da uy! Abi nako Miss Gay ni akong gi-apilan, quiz bee man diay!


English: prosperity Cebuano: kabulahanan (n), prosperidad (n), katunhayan (n) English: Thank God for this prosperity. Cebuano: Salamat sa Diyos niining kabulahanan.


English: paltry Cebuano: diyotay (adj), gamay (adj), jutay (adj), kulang-kulang (adj) English: I have paltry finances. Cebuano: Diyotay lang akong pangwarta.


English: pal Cebuano: amigo (n), abay (n), bayibs (n), higala (n), hugoy (v), hugoy-hugoy (v), English: Ramon is my pal. Cebuano: Si Ramon akong higala.


English: pay Cebuano: magbayad (v), bayad (v) English: Can you pay my ticket for Cebu? Cebuano: Magbayad ka sa ticket nako para Cebu?


English: peace Cebuano: kalinaw (n), pagdait (n), kahusayan (n) English: There is peace in Iligan. Cebuano: Adunay kalinaw sa Iligan.


English: pace Cebuano: lakang (v), lakat (v), linaktan (n), linakwan (n) English: The tall man has a long pace. Cebuano: Ang taas na tawo tag-as kaayo ang lakang.

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