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Chef Boy Logro

The Visayans are known for preparing great tasting food. And the current famous chef in the country happens to be a Bisaya from Leyte. Chef Boy Logro came from a poor town in Leyte, and a family relative brought to…
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English: ten Cebuano: pulo, napulo English: The boy has ten toys. Cebuano: Ang bata na lalaki duna pulo ka dulaan.


English: nine Cebuano: nuybe English: The cat has nine lives. Cebuano: Ang iring duna ka nuybe nga kinabuhi.


English: eight Cebuano: walo English: I drank eight cups of coffee today. Cebuano: Nakainom ko ug walo ka tasa sa kape.


English: seven Cebuano: pito English: Mr. Wong has seven businesses. Cebuano: Si Mr. Wong duna pito ka negosyo.


English: six Cebuano: unom English: I have six pants. Cebuano: Naa ko unom ka pantalon.


English: five Cebuano: lima English: Mario has five kids. Cebuano: Lima ang anak ni Mario.


English: four Cebuano: upat English: Make it four, please. Cebuano: Upat nalang, please.


English: three Cebuano: tulo English: I have three apples. Cebuano: Naa ko tulo ka masanas.


English: two (2) Cebuano: duha English: There are two birds. Cebuano: Naay duha ka langgam, Adunay duha ka langgam. Ilonggo: May ara duha ka langgam.