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English: red Cebuano: pula English: Red is my favorite color. Cebuano: Pula ang paborito nako na kolor.


English: black Cebuano / Hiligaynon (Ilonggo): itum, itom English: My shirt is black. Cebuano: Akong shirt kay itom.

Johnriel Casimero, Usa Ka Bisaya nga Champion

Another Bisaya boxer won an international belt. Johnriel Casimero won the IBF interim flyweight title against Argentine Luis Lazarte. He was the fighter who was caught in the middle of a mob


English: difficult Cebuano: lisod Ilonggo: mabudlay, maiwat English: Math is difficult. Cebuano: Ang Math kay lisod.


English: dialect Cebuano: pinulongan, sinultihan, dayalekto Ilonggo: hambal English: What’s your dialect? Cebuano: Unsa imong pinulongan?


English: destroy Cebuano: guba, da-ut English: Do not destroy my toy. Cebuano: Ayaw gub-a akong dulaan (duwaan).


English: dunno (don’t know) Cebuano/Ilonggo: ambot, sometimes it is used as expression. English: I dunno. Cebuano/Ilonggo: Ambot lang.

My Paranormal Romance

My friends gave good comments about this Cebuano movie. I have not seen this movie yet, but the trailer looks it’s quality, and the actors’ faces look good on screen. Hopefully, it

Showtime Made Fun Again of a Bisayan Pronunciation

Manila media is at it again. Showtime’s Kim Atienza host who’s fond of making fun of Bisaya pronunciations and accents, just made a joke out of a Boholano guest inside the studio


English: fun Cebuano / Hiligaynon (Ilonggo): lingaw English: My father is having fun. Cebuano: Akong amahan na lingaw.

Basic Bisaya Quiz

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