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Paolo Pascual Praying in Cebuano

Azkals backup goalkeeper Paolo Pascual who’s from Cebu is praying in Cebuano in a prematch ceremony last January 7, 2012.

Buwad, Suka, Sili by Junior Kilat

Budoy and the rest of Junior Kilat.


English: beard Cebuano / Hiligaynon (Ilonggo): bungot English: My father has a beard. Cebuano: Akong amahan naay bungot.

Mixed Bisaya Jokes

I find most of the entries are funny, pero depended sa imong humor level.

Correct Pronunciation of “Butuan”

Butuan is correctly pronounced as BUTWAN or BOT-WAN. Not Bu-tu-an. Because Bu-tu-an means “has vagina”. “Butu” means “vagina” in Bisaya. In other regions, “butu” could also mean the “male organ”.


English: tired Cebuano/Hiligaynon: gi kapoy/gin kapoy English: Jenny is tired. Cebuano: Si Jenny gi kapoy. Hiligaynon: Si Jenny gin kapoy.

Protest by Being Proud Bisaya

It’s time for our Bisayan language to rise up. Dapat proud kita sa atong language.

Sgt. Paul Palmeri

When I first heard him speak, I was really surprised, his Cebuano is almost perfect for a “normally” white American, no trace of American accent when he talks. According to information I

D.M.D Music Video

Music Video for D.M.D. Performed by Pain-in-the-neck

Hello Bisayan world!

Welcome to God bless everyone!


English: X Cebuano: Ekis English: Mar your answers with an X. Cebuano: Markahi ang imong answers sa Ekis.


English: yell Cebuano: singgit English: Do not yell. Cebuano: Ayaw pag singgit.


English: yearning Cebuano: nanginahanglan   English: I am yearning for a new cellphone. Cebuano: Nanginahanglan ako ug bag-ong cellphone.


English: yes Cebuano: oo English: Yes, I can do it. Cebuano: Oo, akong mabuhat.

young man

English: young man Cebuano: ulitao, teenager na lalaki English: My son is till a young man. Cebuano: Akong anak usa pa ka ulitao.


English: yours Cebuano: imo, inyo English: Is this wallet yours? Cebuano: Sa imo kining wallet?


English: young Cebuano: bata, batan-on, linghod English: My child is still young. Cebuano: Akong anak bata pa.


English: you Cebuano: ikaw, nimo English: This gift is for you. Cebuano: Kining regalo para ka nimo.


English: yesterday Cebuano: gahapon English: I went to your place yesterday. Cebuano: Mi adto ako gahapon sa inyong lugar.


English: yellow Cebuano: dalag English: The color of my shirt is yellow. Cebuano: Dalag ang kolor sa akong t-shirt.