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English: beard Cebuano / Hiligaynon (Ilonggo): bungot English: My father has a beard. Cebuano: Akong amahan naay bungot.

Mixed Bisaya Jokes

I find most of the entries are funny, pero depended sa imong humor level.

Correct Pronunciation of “Butuan”

Butuan is correctly pronounced as BUTWAN or BOT-WAN. Not Bu-tu-an. Because Bu-tu-an means “has vagina”. “Butu” means “vagina” in Bisaya. In other regions, “butu” could also mean the “male organ”.


English: tired Cebuano/Hiligaynon: gi kapoy/gin kapoy English: Jenny is tired. Cebuano: Si Jenny gi kapoy. Hiligaynon: Si Jenny gin kapoy.

Sgt. Paul Palmeri

When I first heard him speak, I was really surprised, his Cebuano is almost perfect for a “normally” white American, no trace of American accent when he talks. According to information I gathered from the web, Sgt. Paul Palmeri is…
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English: X Cebuano: Ekis English: Mar your answers with an X. Cebuano: Markahi ang imong answers sa Ekis.


English: yell Cebuano: singgit English: Do not yell. Cebuano: Ayaw pag singgit.


English: yearning Cebuano: nanginahanglan   English: I am yearning for a new cellphone. Cebuano: Nanginahanglan ako ug bag-ong cellphone.


English: yes Cebuano: oo English: Yes, I can do it. Cebuano: Oo, akong mabuhat.

young man

English: young man Cebuano: ulitao, teenager na lalaki English: My son is till a young man. Cebuano: Akong anak usa pa ka ulitao.


English: yours Cebuano: imo, inyo English: Is this wallet yours? Cebuano: Sa imo kining wallet?


English: young Cebuano: bata, batan-on, linghod English: My child is still young. Cebuano: Akong anak bata pa.


English: you Cebuano: ikaw, nimo English: This gift is for you. Cebuano: Kining regalo para ka nimo.


English: yesterday Cebuano: gahapon English: I went to your place yesterday. Cebuano: Mi adto ako gahapon sa inyong lugar.


English: yellow Cebuano: dalag English: The color of my shirt is yellow. Cebuano: Dalag ang kolor sa akong t-shirt.


English: year Cebuano: tuig, grado English: Happy new year! Cebuano: Malipayong bag-ong tuig!

zoo keeper

English: zoo keeper Cebuano: tig bantay sa zoo English: Kim’s job is zoo keeper. Cebuano: Ang trabaho ni Kim kay tig bantay sa zoo.


English: zealous Cebuano: intersado, ganado English: Marie is zealous in her work. Cebuano: Si Marie ganado sa iyang trabaho.


English: zero Cebuano: sero English: The Red team’s score is still zero. Cebuano: Ang score sa Red team kay sero pa.


English: zebra Cebuano: sibra English: There’s a zebra at the zoo! Cebuano: Adunay sibra sa zoo!


English: Xerox Cebuano: seroks English: Could you please Xerox copy this document? Cebuano: Paki seroks aning mga dokumento?


English: weather Cebuano: panahon English: The weather is not good these days. Cebuano: Dili nindot ang panahon karong panahona.


English: wash Cebuano: waswas English: Please wash my clothes. Cebuano: Paki waswas sa akong sanina.


English: want Cebuano: gusto English: What do you want? Cebuano: Unsa imong gusto?


English: wall Cebuano: bungbung English: The builders are installing the wall. Cebuano: Gi taud na sa mga trabahante ang bungbung.


English: wake Cebuano: pukaw, pagmata English: Please wake your mother. Cebuano: Paki pukaw sa imong inahan.


English: volcano Cebuano: bulkan English: There is no volcano in that island. Cebuano: Walay bulkan ang isla.


English: vinegar Cebuano: suka English: The vinegar is very sour. Cebuano: Grabe ka aslom sa suka.


English: vicinity Cebuano: kasilinganan English: He is in the vicinity. Cebuano: Naa ra sya sa kasilinganan.


English: vicar Cebuano: pare, pari English: Paul is the vicar in our town. Cebuano: Si Paul ang pari sa among lugar.


English: veterinarian Cebuano: beterinaryo English: Aloha works as a veterinarian. Cebuano: Ang trabaho ni Aloha usa ka beterinaryo.


English: vein Cebuano: ugat English: I can see my vein on my hand. Cebuano: Makita nako ang ugat sa akong kamot.


English: vehicle Cebuano: sakyanan English: Do you have a vehicle? Cebuano: Aduna ka bay sakyanan?


English: vegetable Cebuano: utanon, utan English: My child does not like vegetable. Cebuano: Akong anak dili ganahan ug utan.


English: valley Cebuano: walog English: My grandfather lives in a valley. Cebuano: Akong lolo nag puyo sa walog.