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baby sitter

English: baby sitter Cebuano: yaya sa bata English: She is looking for a baby sitter. Cebuano: Nangita siya ug yaya sa bata.


English: baboon Cebuano: aliwas, dako`ng amo English: There are baboons in the zoo. Cebuano: Adunay mga aliwas sa zoo.


English: alphabet Cebuano: abakada, alpabeto English: I would like to learn the alphabet. Cebuano: Gusto ko matun-an ang abakada.


English: almond Cebuano: almond English: I don’t like almond. Cebuano: Dili ko ganahan ug almond.

alcoholic drink

English: alcoholic drink Cebuano: alkohol na imnonon English: Beer is alcoholic drink. Cebuano: Ang beer kay alkohol na imnonon.


English: alcohol Cebuano: alkohol English: I would like to buy an alcohol. Cebuano: Gusto ko mo palit ug alkohol.


English: Albania Cebuano: Albanya English: I will go to Albania. Cebuano: Ako mo adto sa Albanya.


English: airport Cebuano: ayrport English: The airport is big. Cebuano: Ang ayrport kay dako.


English: aircraft Cebuano: ayroplano, eroplano English: The aircraft is flying. Cebuano: Nag lupad ang ayroplano.


English: air Cebuano: hangin English: The air is cool. Cebuano: Bugnaw ang hangin.

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