English: raffle Cebuano: ripa, ipa, loteriya English: I’m buying tickets for the raffle tomorrow. Cebuano: Mo palit ako og ticket para sa ripa ugma.


English: imitator Cebuano: manunundog, mag’aawat, tig’awat, tigsundog English: Filipinos are good imitators. Cebuano: Ang mga Filipino maayong mga manunundog.


English: idea Cebuano: ideya, huna-huna English: Do you have an idea? Cebuano: Aduna ka bay ideya (huna-huna)?

Learning to Speak Bisaya with Bogart the Explorer

Watch this hilarious Bisaya (Cebuano) tutorial with Bogart the Explorer from Davao City.


English: vacation Cebuano: lulinghayaw, bakasyon English: We will have a vacation this summer. Cebuano: Mag lulinghayaw kita karon summer.


English: vacant Cebuano: walay sulud, bakante English: The room is vacant. Cebuano: Walay sulud ang kwarto.

Hiligaynon Tutorial – Greetings

Video of Hiligaynon or Ilonggo tutorial about different type of “greetings”.

Little Girl speaking Ilonggo

Little girl speaking Ilonggo, and is apparently taught by the adults around her. Her name is Izzy, based on the title of the video. I assume that she’s presently living in a


English: urinate Cebuano: ihi, ehe, mangihi English: I’m going to urinate there. Cebuano: Mangihi ko diha.


English: join Cebuano: pagpasakop, tigum, moapil, pag’ apil English: I will join your group Cebuano: Moapil ako sa inyohang grupo.


English: junk Cebuano: paglukso, ambak, la-yat, lukso English: I saw Jenny jumped. Cebuano: Nakit-an ko si Jenny ni la-yat.


English: junk Cebuano: biya, guba, linabay, sinalibay English: I saw a lot of junk in the trash. Cebuano: Nakakita ko og linabay sa busarahan.


English: gift Cebuano: gasa, regalo, hatag English: Thank you for the gift. Cebuano: Salamat sa gasa.


English: study Cebuano: pagtoon, katun-an, estudyo, toon English: I need to study now. Cebuano: Kinahanglang ko mag toon karon.


English: courage Cebuano: kadasig English: You just need courage. Cebuano: Nangihanlang ka lang og kadasig.


English: crazy Cebuano: buangbuang, buang, katok, balolog English: I saw a crazy person. Cebuano: Nakakita ko og buang.


English: nearby Cebuano: dira English: The place is just nearby. Cebuano: Dira lang ang lugar.


English: nasty Cebuano: higal, hilas, hugaw, ngil-ad, salawayon English: Marcos was a nasty president. Cebuano: Ngil-ad na presidente si Marcos.

Kanta para sa mga Tambok na Babae

Overweight girls, maglipay na kamo! No need feel insecure about your body weight. There’s a song entitled “Bok Love” to motivate you. You have Kurt Fick and Therese Marie Villarante to thank

British girl speaks and understands Cebuano

You may have heard early this year, a German working at Dunkin Donuts who speaks fluent Cebuano without the accent. Though this girl has an accent when she speaks Bisaya, but clearly